Blade of Grass in the Desert

Cover of Stefan Hammel's book "The Blade of Grass in the Desert"

Stefan Hammel:
The Blade of Grass in the Desert
Storytelling: Forgotten Medicine for Healing the Soul
A Story of 100 Stories for Counseling and Therapy
Nierstein, Germany, edition impress 2012

Paperback, 168 pages, 22 illustrations, ISBN 3-9809771-6-1. Available as a paper book or E-book from or from (or as an E-Book on for your convenience – and also by direct order from this website.

Stefan Hammel’s “The Blade of Grass in the Desert” is also available as an E-Book on and on

Stefan Hammel works as a hypnotherapist and systemic therapist in Germany. He practices storytelling in his work and sees its timeless wisdom as a very powerful therapeutic method, which has proven extremely helpful to countless patients.

This book “The Blade of Grass in the Desert” is a story of 100 stories and discusses their usefulness and adaptation by therapists to help alleviate the problems of their patients and help with their search for a fulfilled life. The book is a collection of therapeutic stories. The stories, however, are not presented in a theoretical framework but as a tale of a king whose country is suffering from something like a belief in abstract technical thinking. In order to get some inner films in their heads, hearts and bodies they call in a conference where all these stories are told. And there’s a little girl who wants to learn how healing stories are found, invented and told. So during ten days there are stories being told on themes like partnership, health, work, fear, berievement, and so on. During the nights there are stories being told on how to tell stories.

In they say that the books are used; actually they’re new. There’s an error in the system by which it isn’t possible at the moment to sell it as new. Some further description of the book is given on stefan’s website, and of course, you can see the table of content and some stories by looking in the demonstration of the kindle edition on amazon.

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