Who I am…

I was born in 1967 in Ludwigshafen in the southwestern part of Western Germany. I grew up in the Palatinate region of Germany bordering to Alcace in France. For eight years I was engaged a community pastor in the Protestant Church of the Palatinate. Today, I work as a child and family therapist, hypnotherapist, and as chaplain in a general hospital and a psychiatric hospital. I do seminars and workshops on therapeutic storytelling, utilisation (using the seemingly useless), hypnotherapy and hypno-systemic consultation in various countries. I am also leading the Institute of Hypno-Systemic Consultation (Institut für Hypnosystemische Beratung) in Kaiserslautern where psychotherapists are trained in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Therapeutic Storytelling (Narrative Hypno-Systemic Therapy). This is a training of 24 days (8 weekends) in 9 months. As some of the students come from remote areas or other countries the institute can offer a few beds for lodging at the place of training.

I was trained at the systemic institutes for Systemic Therapy in Heidelberg (International Society of Systemic Therapy “IGST” and Helm-Stierlin-Institut) and in the German Milton Erickson Society and am an associated Member of the Milton Erickson Society in Germany. I have been doing workshops for the Milton Erickson Society (yearly conventions in Bad Orb and Bad Kissingen, the children’s convention organised by Bernhard Trenkle in Heidelberg, Gunther Schmidt’s Milton Erickson Institute in Heidelberg), as well as for the Systemic Institute IGST in Heidelberg, for the Vienna psychotherapy training institute VPA and many other organisations in Austria, Switzerland, USA and Germany.

I have also written some books. “The Blade of Grass in the Desert” has just been released in English and is also available as an E-book. My “Handbook of therapeutic Storytelling”, his “Handbook of therapeutic Utilisation” and my book on “Letting go and embracing what’s new” are only available in German up to now. Together with my friends I’m working on getting one or two more translations completed in 2013.

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