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HYPS - the blog on therapeutic storytelling

"HYPS" is a hypno-systemic blog designed to present stories and interventions from systemic counseling, hypnotherapy and pastoral care for making life easier and happier. Some of the stories and techniques are useful in everyday life, some will give insights on skills that can be applied in a hospital, in a psychiatric clinic or in a psychotherapist's office, some will be good for raising children or coping better with one's partner and family and some can be used in other fields - like methods for mental training in sports, coping skills for people who are being bullied at work or techniques for children with an ADD / ADHD label who want to have better results at school.

The stories - most of which are taken from my book "The Blade of Grass in the Desert" - are often linked with my everyday experience as a chaplain in a hospital and a psychiatric clinic and as a therapist for children, adolescents, grown-ups, couples and families.

Of course, you can also get informed about new blog entries regularly if you click on the links for "entries RSS" and "comments RSS" on the right side of the blog!

So I would like to invite you to look into the blog, get inspired and have fun!

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