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At the moment (in addition to the German audios and videos on www.stefanhammel.de) the following downloads by Stefan Hammel are available:

  • Somepieces of music taken from the German audio-book "Der Grashalm in der Wüste" ("The blade of Grass in the Desert") written and played by Jan Masuhr (Guitar)
  • A Spanish version of Stefan Hammel's 16 min hypnotic mp3 "What is hypnosis?" Here Stefan Hammel gives a demonstration of hypnotic phenomena and verbal trance induction techniques following the tradition of Milton Erickson. The text of the spanish version was translated by Hans Egli, a Swiss hypnotherapist living in Mexico.
  • Stefan Hammel's "The Blade of Grass in the Desert" is available as an E-Book on www.amazon.co.uk and on www.amazon.com.
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