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Live interview with Stefan Hammel on therapeutic hypnosis

Live interview with Stefan Hammel on therapeutic hypnosis, on its efficacy, indications, potential risks and underlying mechanisms (TV talkshow, German with English subtitles).



Why it is never too late to have a happy childhood | Stefan Hammel | TEDxMagdeburg




How to reduce fear - Stefan Hammel on therapy with trauma and anxiety issues




Put your Fear in the Cloakroom




Phobia of crossing bridges: Hypnotherapeutic approach


The German Hypnotherapist Stefan Hammel walks a high bridge with a phobic patient in order to support her to overcome her fear of heights (systematic desensitation in hypnotherapy). About three weeks before this in vivo session there has been a 60 min preparatory session  in the therapy office. After crossing the bridge no further session was needed.


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