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Seminars with Stefan Hammel

In 2019/20, seminars and congress workshops with Stefan Hammel are are planned in

  • 13.-14.3.2019: Neussbalance, Creative hypnosystemic therapy with couples, families and family members
  • 22.3.2019: Bad KissingenMEG-Jahrestagung: Workshop "No fear of fear! Creative interventions for the reduction of anxiety", with Claudia Weinspach and Astrid Vlamynck
  • 10.-11.5.2019: EichstättHypnosystemische Kompetenzwerkstatt (Peter Stimpfle), Creative hypnosystemic interventions in chronic and acute crises. Therapeutic Storytelling and Therapeutic Modelling in the context of trauma and depression
  • 23.-24.5.2019: BielSFINC academy, "Not again one of this kind! Clients who make us feel uneasy - and what we can do for us and for them"
  • 28.-29.5.2019 Graz, Milton-Erickson-Institute: Creative hypnosystemic therapy. Therapeutic Modelling and Therapeutic Storytelling in Couple Therapy
  • 20.-21.7.2019: MünchenSySt: The Sofa of Happyness - Therapeutic Modelling in Couple Therapy
  • 4.-5.10.2019: Innsbruck, Milton-Erickson-Institute, Creative hypnosystemic therapy. Therapeutic Modelling and Therapeutic Storytelling in Couple Therapy
  • 29.-30.10.2019: ChemnitzSIS: Introduction into Therapeutic Storytelling
  • 1.11.2019: Würzburg, Child Therapy Conference: Therapeutic Storytelling for children and adolescents (workshop)
  • 4.4.2020: Bad LiebenzellInternationale Hochschule Liebenzell, Seminartag "Therapeutisches Erzählen"
  • 23.-25.4.2020 KapstadtMEISA Conference on Trance, Treasure, Trauma, Touch and Transformation: Workshop
  • 21.-22.5.2020: Innsbruckm.e.i. Innsbruck, Therapeutic Modelling für Paare und Partner
  • 27.-28.5.2020: München, SySt, Introduction into Therapeutic Storytelling
  • 10.-12.7.2020: InnsbruckMilton-Erickson-Institute Innsbruck: Workshop
  • 26.-29.8.2020 BaselEuropean Society of Hypnosis (ESH), Workshop (probably)
  • 15.-18.10.2020: Otterberg / Pfalz3. Internationales Festival des Therapeutischen Erzählens: Presentation and workshop
  • 22.-25.10.2020 WürzburgTagung Mentales Stärken: Workshop (probably)

For further information see the list of German seminars.

English and French translation is given at the International Festival of Therapeutic Storytelling. For further information see the page about the festival.


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