An Angel for your Way

Two centuries ago there lived in our region a man who came to be renowned because many miracles occurred around him. People who had been declared to be incurably sick became healthy again after he had prayed for them. He also had a particular custom. When he bid farewell to someone he often said: “I’m sending an angel with you on your way”. This surprised many people. On the one hand there were already in those times many that did not believe in angels. And of the others many may have said: “How can he send out angels? For angels will only follow the word of God.” I don’t know if this can be true. I even doubt that such people know anything about angels. I just know that many people who visited him took with them a deep peace, and that they knew from then on that they were protected. Therefore I don’t care what other people may think if I say these very words to you: I’m sending an angel with you on your way.

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