International Festival of Therapeutic Storytelling 2016 in Germany

On October 14th to 16th, 2016, the International Festival of Therapeutic Storytelling will be held in Kaiserslautern / Otterberg, Germany. The festival is organized by the Institute of Hypno-Systemic Consultation in Kaiserslautern (Stefan Hammel) and the Milton-Erickson-Institute Luxembourg (Marie-Jeanne Bremer). Congress languages will be German, English and French.

The festival is designed for people working in consulting, educational, medical or psychosocial professions. There will be guests from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland and other countries. We will also have an open stage for participants presenting their own short lectures or stories.

The Early bird rate of 240 € will end in a few days, on October 15th. After that the price will go up 30 € every three months, with the final fee being 360 €. If you would like to participate or if you need further information write to stefan.hammel @ or contact the Institute of Hypno-Systemic Consultation via 0049-631-3702093.

As far as scheduled, these will be te main speakers and topics:

Audeguy, Karine (F): How do our life stories get us into trouble? Playing and transforming them…?
Balsamo, Sandra (L): Workshop with therapeutic puppets: room for creativity in the mourning process
Bremer, Marie-Jeanne (L): Medical herbs on ruins – stories and biographies against hate
Casula, Consuelo (I): How to transform anecdotes into significant stories / La vita e bella (Life is beautiful)
Cukier-Jakubowicz, Mireille (L): Reading “Farewell, little cat” and “Almost not hard at all”
Decocq, Anne (B): Once upon a time… a prescription. Literature as a therapeutic resource
Doutrelugne, Yves (B): May the therapist talk about himself?
Eberle, Thomas (D): Singing bowls and therapeutic storytelling
Freund, Ulrich (D): Active factor Grimm: On fairytales and therapy / Anxiety, fear and overcoming Angst
Fürst, Annette (D): Storytelling with children: A new multifocal, cross-medial approach
Guilloux, Christine (F): Narrative therapy, narrative medicine…?
Hammel, Stefan (D): Stories in the therapy of depression and trauma / Live-Demo „Chairs’ Game“
Hatzelmann, Elmar (D): Generating resources of storytelling and discovering stories
Hürzeler, Adrian (CH): Extemporaneous stories – encouraging the narrative potential in a playful way
Lamprecht, Katharina (D): Energy Psychology and therapeutic storytelling
Meyer, Gabrielle (L): Experiencing loss and saying farewell metaphorically and therapeutically
Niedermann, Martin (CH): Therapeutic comics with autistic persons / Therapeutic puppet-play
Spitzbarth, Alexandra (D): Learning to talk with the body – healing dialogues for somatic ailments
Wessel, Sonja (D): Digital Storytelling: Multi-medial presentation of life stories that move the heart
Wilk, Daniel (D): Trance stories opening the inner treasure chamber
Wirl, Charlotte (A): Finding and inventing individual therapeutic stories and metaphors for trance.

Could I wet your appetite? I would love to hear or read from you!

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