The People of Lensland

Like the previous story, the metaphorical story “The People of Lensland” can be used for patients suffering from body dysmorphia, in particular anorexia. It can however also be used in relation to hypochondria and the exaggeration (or downplaying) of illness in order to help the unconscious set a more realistic benchmark for the assessment of symptoms.

The people of Lensland are born with binoculars in front of their eyes. Most of them are born with binoculars which are the wrong way round, and everything they see looks very small. Whenever they meet someone, they might think, “Aren’t they a long way away!” “Aren’t they small!” or “Aren’t they thin!” However a few people are born with binoculars which are the right way round. Whenever they look down at themselves, they might think, “Aren’t I long and wide!” The people of Lensland find it very hard to agree amongst themselves. Yet once upon a time a woman living there made an incredible discovery…

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