Life as a Game

“Life as a Game” outlines a basic model for infinitely variable stories which can be developed spontaneously. The method of integrating the desired suggestions into a fictitious computer game is used here in the context of shyness and teasing at school.

Imagine that your life is a computer game. While you’re practising karate or playing football, or doing any other activities which you’re good at and which you enjoy, you collect health and skill points –brightly coloured little spheres which help you to level up in the game. While you’re walking around at school, there’s an invisible glass shield in front of you which protects you against attacks by other pupils, who are trying to shoot at you with brightly coloured little spheres just like yours. Sometimes you open your glass shield very briefly at exactly the right moment in order to defend yourself and attack the other players, by shooting at them with the brightly coloured little spheres which you collected while playing football and practising karate. As you get better at the game, the attacks reduce in frequency. When they disappear altogether and you’re completely calm, you’ve won the game

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