You’ll Manage It

The story “You’ll Manage It” can be used to counteract negative suggestions which may be self-fulfilling, and to build positive expectations.

On 19 June 1964, Martin’s class teacher was writing reports. In Martin’s report she wrote, “Martin’s achievements are entirely satisfactory, but he would achieve much more if he did not suffer from such severe behavioural problems. He is tense and unfocused, has no self-confidence and often appears to be terrified. He must find a more orderly way of working.”

On 16 June 2008, Martin was talking to eight children in a psychiatric outpatients’ clinic. “When I was your age,” he said, “I had hardly any friends. The other children teased me and laughed at me. The teacher wrote in my report, ‘He will fail because of his inability to apply himself and to behave himself.’ She was wrong – I made a success out of my life. You’ll manage it too.”

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