New publication: translation of my book

Learning Therapeutic Storytelling – The Essentials at a Glance

New release in May 2024

Back Cover Text
The book provides a hypnosystemically grounded introduction to therapeutic storytelling in medicine, child therapy, adult psychotherapy, couples therapy, family therapy, social work, pastoral care, education, coaching, supervision, and related professional fields.

Contents include
– The relevance of storytelling to therapy.
– Why, when, and how stories have therapeutic effects.
– Where I can use therapeutic stories.
– How to find the right story for the right moment.
– Structuring a therapeutic story.
– How to start and continue.
– Enhancing narrative skills.

About the Author
Stefan Hammel works as a systemic therapist, hypnotherapist, and author. He is also an protestant hospital and psychiatric chaplain, as well as the director of the Institute for Hypnosystemic Counseling in Kaiserslautern. Additionally, he serves as a lecturer for systemic and hypnotherapeutic training institutes in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. He conducts seminars on Ericksonian hypnotherapy, therapeutic storytelling, systemic and hypnosystemic counseling. His main areas of focus include couple and family therapy, therapy for children and adolescents, depression, anxiety, trauma, end-of-life and grief counseling, as well as supporting somatic healing processes.

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