The Sofa of Bliss – Seminar on Individual and Couple Therapy


Here’s a live 2 day online Seminar on Therapeutic Modeling with individuals and couples.

Therapeutic Modeling is a method of awake hypnotherapy developed by Stefan Hammel. It contains elements of the work of Milton Erickson (a master of hypnotherapy), of Systemic Therapy, the communicational insights of Paul Watzlawick and constellation work

In the seminar the method of Therapeutic Modeling will be demonstrated and practised in a way so you can use it in a simple but already very, very effective form right afterwards.

You learn…

  • how to dissociate (“subtract”) the troubling aspects of experience from a client, let him experience live without his symptoms and stabilize whatever is helpful
  • how to associate and identify a desired new way of feeling, behaving and living and, again, stabilize what is helpful in this experience
  • how to transform troubling experiences into helpful experiences and stabilize this
  • how to apply these methods to couples and families

Time: Sat, Feb 28th, 10 am GMT (11 am CET) till Sun Feb 28th, 2 pm GMT (3 pm CET)

Cost: 160 GBP / EUR

Registration and further information:

Looking forward to seeing you!


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