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Transforming Lives With Hypno-Systemic Therapy

A Practical Guide

Translation of my german book „Hypnosystemische Therapie – Das Handbuch für die Praxis“.

The book will be published in English by Routledge in early 2024.

Interested parties can pre-order the book now. Simply send us an e-mail to shop@hsb-westpfalz.de.

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Content of the book:

- The basic book on hypnosystemic work
- A popular topic for psychological training and further education
- The first basic book on hypnosystemic therapy
- Practical and with many examples

Hypnosystemic therapy methods have been enriching psychological counselling with great success for over 25 years. Now, for the first time, an introductory book and basic work is available for all those who want to integrate this creative approach into their services. Stefan Hammel goes into the basic assumptions and therapeutic strategies and conveys the therapeutic tools in a practical way using many examples.  Elements of systemic therapy, hypnotherapy according to Milton Erickson and parts and constellation work are combined to create an independent, new approach.  The client's perceptions and interpretations are viewed as a film, as it were, which is gradually adapted until a coherent experience of competence and behaviour emerges, which is further consolidated in therapy or counselling.

This (german) 300-page basic work explains the sources of hypnosystemic therapy, the principles and mechanisms underlying hypnosystemic work, the ideas behind the development and resolution of problematic experiences and the role played by an understanding of role and identity, trauma and conflict. Different types of intervention are described in detail and illustrated with many examples of individual interventions. The book is rounded off with an index of individual interventions, diagnoses and problems as well as important people, institutions and publications in the field.


Target group

Psychotherapists, psychologists, non-medical practitioners, social pedagogues, interested patients, doctors, counsellors

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