I’m using this story to support people who have suffered a stroke to recover their memories. Of course it can be used with any kind of amnesia or neurological loss of abilities, like with a person waking up after bein in coma for a long time. The story can also be used with students who are afraid of exams or with self inconfidence problems.

Was it a dream? Was it reality? I walked through the building. To my right and to my left were many doors. I turned the handles but not a door opened. The rooms were closed to me. I sat down and wept. “Why are you crying?” asked someone. I pointed to the locked doors. “Do you not know… ” he said and pointed to the pockets of my coat. “You have the keys!” I reached into my pockets and indeed pulled out two massive bunches of keys, two key rings with hundreds and hundreds of different shaped keys, large and small. How was I to know which key fit the lock of many rooms? “You have to try it,” said my encourager. “In your own time. You have all the time in the world. Try all the doors and try all the keys. Gradually you will open more and more doors. Never give up. Your freedom will grow with every open room and one day you will know the door to every key and the key to every door.”

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